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Way to budhala machi
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Dear Visitors / Trekkers,

I wholeheartedly welcome you to my blogging website on Sahyadri Mountain Treks !!!

There is no question that trekking offers the ultimate thrill I constantly yearn for, but there is much more to trekking than exercise and adrenaline rushes. Along with adventure, comes a means of happiness and inspiration. With every step, I learn something great about life.

Your life is yours, and only you can decide where it leads.

A trek through the twisted trails of the Sahyadris, will take you up and down, up and down, right and left, left then right, and all over again. Even if I get tired of these twists and turns, I still trek forward. While trekking across the mountains of Sahyadris, I faced constant challenges like crossing streams, climbing huge boulders, and descending the deep valleys. All this made me suffer physically but I decided to forget about the pain and complete the journey. When I reached the summit, the enchanting beauty of Mother Nature was worth the pain.

Trekking is an independent adventure sport even when done with others. It is up to you to get yourself to your destination and back. We come across many things that appear improbable just like these insurmountable peaks; there are goals that we feel are impossible to achieve. However, nothing is impossible. If I really have the desire and determination to do something, no one can stop me–trekking helps people find that drive within themselves.

Trekking, once it is started, it becomes addictive. Weeks after weeks, months after months or seasons after seasons, you are in one thing, that is planning for the next trek. If I don’t go for a trek for a long time, I feel myself guilty. Such is the tremendous force of nature.  One has to experience it and mere description is not enough.

So, welcome again to my blog site on sahyadris.

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Happy and Safe Trekking…


Ratnakar Salunke